Mineral products industry is UK’s biggest by volume

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New figures show that the UK mineral products sector is the country’s biggest industry by volume and is making a greater contribution than ever to the economy. 

In its latest report Profile of the UK Mineral Products Industry, the Mineral Products Association (MPA) highlights the industry’s significant contribution to the UK economy through the domestic production of construction and industrial mineral products from 2,300 active quarries and plants nationwide. 

Besides providing 419 million tonnes of essential materials – from aggregates and concrete for construction to industrial lime and industrial sand for manufacturing – the sector generated £22 billion in annual revenues and contributed £8 billion in GVA (Gross Value Added) in 2021, the year on which the report is based. 

With a direct workforce of around 80,000 people – plus an estimated 3.2 million jobs supported through the supply chain – the mineral products industry is also highly productive, with each worker producing almost £99,000 in gross value added in 2021, well above the national average of £65,000.