Multi-Stakeholder Group

Multi-Stakeholder Group

The UK EITI MSG is responsible for overseeing and agreeing all decisions on EITI implementation. Find out more about their work and MSG members.

The UK Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) lies at the heart of EITI implementation in the UK and is responsible for overseeing and agreeing all decisions on implementation.

Some of the functions of the MSG include determining the scope of UK EITI, developing the work plan and appointing an administrator to carry out the reconciliation.

Find out more about the role of the MSG in our Terms of Reference

The MSG is composed of representatives from three constituencies: government, industry and civil society.

MSG members ensure that the views of their constituency are taken into account when making decisions on EITI implementation. If you are interested in becoming a member of the MSG then please contact the UK EITI Secretariat.

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MSG Members

Civil Society involvement in UK EITI

Participation of civil society is key to successful EITI implementation. The UK Civil Society Network (CSN) facilitates a participatory process among UK civil society organisations and individual citizens to ensure broad and meaningful CSN engagement with the UK EITI.

The network has ten organisational members and more than 20 individual associate members affiliated to civil society organisations and academic institutions. 

Full member organisations of the CSN are: Article 19, Christian Aid, Global Witness, Green Alliance, Involve, Natural Resource Governance Institute, ONE, Oxfam GB, Publish What You Pay UK, Transparency International UK.

To find out if you may be able to join the network as a full member or as an individual associate member, please see the CSN’s Membership Principles for more information.

If you are interested in joining the UK CSN or need more information about what CSN's membership involves, please contact the CSN Coordinator, Justyna Herbut at

Latest reports

A key responsibility of the MSG is to oversee the production of annual EITI reports that pull together data from a wide range of sources from both government and industry bodies in an accessible format. These reports include data on the financial flows between government and industry. You can see the latest UK EITI reports here.

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UK EITI Work Plan

The MSG sets out its plans to meet the UK EITI objectives in annual work plans. You can see our work plans here.

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Latest minutes

The minutes of all MSG meetings are uploaded to our website so that you can see what was discussed at each meeting and the decisions made. Here are our latest.

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The MSG have drafted and agreed a communications strategy to raise awareness of the work of UK EITI and of the importance of the extractives sector in the UK. A Communications Subgroup has been set to take forward the strategy.


In 2018 the MSG commissioned a feasibility study to explore the extent to which the EITI Standard can be achieved through systematic disclosure or ‘mainstreaming’ disclosure of data by companies and public authorities, rather than through EITI reporting.

The final version of the study was approved by the MSG in January 2019 and a subgroup of the MSG is currently taking forward the recommendations of the study. 

Open data policy

In January 2017 the MSG agreed an open data policy for UK EITI.  This ensures that UK EITI data are published in a standardised, open format, which is machine-readable and can be accessed by all.